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Death By Education

Work is never dull at the Los Angeles public high school where Greta Gallagher acts as teacher, counselor, and confidante to hundreds of teenage students.

But Greta's job gets even livelier—and deadlier—when one of her star students, a lovely and gifted cheerleader, is found murdered on the school grounds. While the police suspect the girl's ex-boyfriend, Greta is convinced that someone else is to blame—but who? The surly young janitor with a bad attitude and a worse alibi? The nerdy, lecherous math teacher, whose persistent leers make all the girls laugh? Or is it Greta's new love, the handsome principal, left a wealthy widower after the puzzling accidental death of his wife?

When another girl is brutally murdered, Greta, along with her best friend Maxine from the art department, must act fast to find the killer before he teaches them a fatal lesson.