Marion Rosen

Selected Works

A KID FROM PITTSBURGH is the stunning true story about an ordinary boy cast into extraordinary circumstances. War is interpreted by a kid who grew up without even realizing it.
Dance Like Nobody's Watching --> Excerpt
The author's devastating experience with two deadly cancers—breast and ovarian—evolves into an inspirational tale of courage. By dancing close to death, she learns how to live. Her survival offers hope to anyone who must travel the road of cancer.
Death By Education
A high school English teacher and her zany art teacher friend become involved with murder on campus. This light-hearted whodunit is filled with many tight moments of suspense and copious red herrings.
Don't Speak to Strangers
A boy is kidnapped in a twisted plot of revenge. Combining the edge-of-your-seat tension of Mary Higgins Clark with the violent madness of V.C. Andrews, this book is relentlessly suspenseful and terrifyingly real—a chilling page-turner from beginning to end.

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Don't Speak to Strangers

Ten-year-old Jonathan Grady has been warned not to speak to strangers. But when a man in a battered van tells Jonathan that his house has burned down and his parents are dead, the boy is scared and confused. And when the man introduces himself as Leon, a friend of his father, and offers to take him to the safety of his grandmother's house, Jonathan climbs into the van . . . and enters the insane world of a child abductor.

Jonathan arrives at Leon's farm in a deserted countryside and finds another child, Maria, has also been "rescued" by Leon. Jonathan soon senses the full extent of the danger he and Maria are facing.

Now, as the twisted kidnapper grows crazier and more desperate, time is running out—for a young boy, fighting to stay alive; for his devastated parents, fighting the one war every parent dreads; and for FBI Special Agent Kira Thomasian, fighting the most harrowing battle of her career.